Sharing Google contacts with GMAIL SHARED CONTACTS for Google Apps

With Gmail Shared Contact

  • Share Google contact groups like you share Google Docs
  • Your coworkers can access and update address books

  • 1. Make public address books with one click

    Sharing Gmail Contact group or adress book with other Google Apps users
  • 2. Share Google contacts like you share Google Docs or Calendars

    Share Google Address Books like you share Google Documents
  • 3. Seamless integration with Gmail Contact Manager

    Google Shared Contacts appear in Gmail Contact Interface


  • Don't waste time looking for phone numbers or addresses : Collaborate on contacts

  • As for Google Docs or Calendars, you can share/unshare Google contacts with groups or specific individual users

  • Reliable, fast synchronization of contacts across multiple accounts and devices, thanks to the Google App Engine infrastructure


  • No additional software to use : Use original Gmail contact manager to manage shared contacts & groups

  • Domain admins can install it instantly with one click


  • Free version for 1 adress book of up to 25 contacts

  • Licensed version for unlimited adress books and unlimited contacts

  • Plans starting at only $50/year!
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